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Welcome to the Abergavenny Town Council

Councillor Tony Konieczny is the Mayor of Abergavenny for 2019/20 and the Deputy Mayor is Councillor Tudor Thomas.

 From September there will be changes to how the Town Council operates and makes decisions. There will no longer be Finance Committee, Policy Committee, Planning Committee, Projects Committee etc these will be replaced by Environment Committee, People & Communities Committee and  a Policy & Resources Committee. Full Council will continue to meet bi-monthly rather than monthly.

The other major change is that all the above committees can make decisions. Previously the Committees (apart from Planning) could only make recommendations which then had to be considered and approved by the next Full Council. This led to delays in decision making.

The September meetings are:

People & Communities Committee - Wednesday 4th September 7pm, Air Cadets Squadron HQ, Trinity Street, Abergavenny

Policy & Resources Committee - Wednesday 11th September 7pm, St Michaels Centre

Environment Committee (inc Planning) - Wednesday 25th September, 7pm, Melville Centre 

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