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Agri-Urban is an European network for the promotion of Agri-food employment in small and medium sized cities.

Abergavenny is the only town in the UK taking part in the Agri Urban networking project along with Spain, Italy, Sweden, France, Belgium,  Portugal,  Latvia and Croatia.

A local URBACT Group (URBACT is a European exchange and learning programme promoting sustainable urban development), has been set up that will be used to facilitate cross-learning at international level. Chairman of the local group is Councillor John Prosser.

 Agri-Urban is about rethinking agro-food production which plays an important role in terms of GDP, employment and environmental sustainability. That is why new growth potentials have to be activated by means of innovation, new business models or making the most of the cluster approach. In addition, that specialisation in agro food has now to be reframed locally as the light of new trends such as green economy, digital and creative economy, circular economy or the emerging concept of sharing economy, resulting in new opportunities for the labour market, SME's development, entrepreneurship and the urban-rural linkage.

For more details contact: - Councillor Tudor Thomas on 01873 840299


Facebook - www.facebook.com/Agri-Urban 

Twitter - @agriurban2016