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Agri-Urban is about rethinking approaches and development in agri-food production, activating growth potential by innovation and new business models, developing a link between urban and rural spaces and creating employment. It will build on the partnerships of the 10 participating countries.

As the programme continues to move forward the focus will be on sustainability and wellbeing of the community and as part of the process, a community “Urbact Local Group” (ULG)  has been set up. The group are looking at the key themes of Smart Land Use, Ensuring Short Circuits to Market, Business Development of SME’s, and Public Procurement with a view to developing an agri–urban Action Plan for Abergavenny.

 As representatives of the participating towns gathered in Mollet Del Valles (Spain) to sign the Agreement Manifesto for the two year project Deputy Mayor Cllr John Prosser said

    Abergavenny is the only UK town taking part in the project and this is an exciting opportunity to develop projects in the community and to potentially access funding to implement the plan thereafter”.

Projects will be facilitated by networking with the other European Towns in the project including Baena (Spain), Mollet Del Valles (Spain), Pyli (Greece), Petrinja (Croatia), Cesena (Italy), Jelgava (Latvia), Fundao (Portugal), Mouans Sartoux (France), Soldertalje (Sweden) and LAG Pays De Condruses (Belgium).

Deserie Mansfield (Rural Programmes Coordinator – Monmouthshire County Council) said

“The development of the projects relies on volunteers and (as usual) the community has stepped up.   I am pleased to work with the volunteers of the Urban Local Group who give their time freely to develop and deliver agricultural projects which will support the town and the surrounding rural areas.”

The group would like to hear thoughts from the community to support the development of projects in the area.

For more information please contact Deserie Mansfield 07816066046 - deseriemansfield@monmouthshire.gov.uk,


 Cllr John Prosser (3rd from right) with representatives of European Partner Towns – picture shows the signing the URBACT 111 (Agri-urban) manifesto June 2016 - Mollet Del Valles, Spain.




On 9th June 2016 Abergavenny Town Council signed a manifesto along with official representatives of ten European towns participating in the AGRI URBAN Network under the ABERGAVENNY PARTICIPATING IN AGRI URBAN NETWORK

Abergavenny together with partners of local community groups, Monmouthshire County Council, Abergavenny Town Council and members of Team Abergavenny, (amongst others) will take part in the European Agri-Urban Network under the URBACT 111 Programme. URBACT III Programme. AGRI URBAN is about rethinking Agrifood Production in small and medium sized towns, and exchanging best practice across the European Network.

Key areas for consideration include: Short Circuits of production and consumption, access to land and sustainable land management for agricultural use, promoting employment and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector, public procurement committed to local production models and quality, preferably organic.

Good progress has been made with Network Meetings taking place in Mollet Del Valles in Spain and Huy Marchin in Belgium. Case studies examined included:

Use of communal land for cooperative horticulture project.

Development of provision of local fresh food to schools and playgroups.

Provision of industrial incubator facilities.

Segregation of land for agricultural incubator units and start ups.

Introduction of a community food hub for purchase and distribution of local food and drink

Application of a mobile bottling plant for fruit and vegetable users

The Abergavenny URBACT Local Group (ULG) has started gathering ideas for the improvement of the agricultural economy and environment in and around Abergavenny. The ULG is driven by stakeholder volunteers including farmers and farmers unions, schools, colleges, small food producers, Team Abergavenny, Transition Abergavenny, development officers, tourism etc. and are constantly seeking new members to contribute to the formation of the Abergavenny Action Plan over the next two years.






Coordinator of the European URBACT Local Group Cllr John Prosser recently visited Cantref School to donate a bird box which the Town Council received from Pyli, one of their Agri-Urban partner towns located in the hills of Greece.

Abergavenny is the only town in the UK taking part in the Agri-Urban networking project, along with towns from Portugal, Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Latvia and Croatia and each town has received a bird box. The project promotes agri-food employment in small and medium sized towns. One theme of the project is sustainability which includes socio-cultural objectives, economic objectives, and environmental objectives.

Agri–Urban is looking at shortening the supply chain to help our local producers develop and find new markets, access to land for sustainable land management and other agricultural uses, promoting employment and entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector, getting local products into public businesses such as schools and hospitals.

Cllr Prosser asked the pupils of the school if they could monitor the birds that visit the bird box so that the information can be sent back to Pyli.

The picture shows Cllr Prosser presenting the bird box to members of the school eco committee in the presence of Headmaster Mr R Brunsdon and Mayor of Abergavenny Cllr Chris Woodhouse.

Mr Brunsdon said “The school is delighted to receive the bird box and the pupils are keen to monitor the birds visiting over the coming months”


The Agi-Urban March Newsletter  co-writted by Miguel Sousa, Raquel Moreno and Antonio Zafra can be found by clicking on the the following link:

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