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Abergavenny is twinned with Ostringen in Germany and Beaupreau in France. A twinning link with Sarno in Italy existed but there has been no dialogue with Sarno for a while, so the link is now ended. 
In July 2008 celebrations were held in Abergavenny to celebrate 40 years of twinning with Ostringen and 20 years with Beaupreau, as well as 10 years with Sarno. A stone was presented to the Town by Ostringen and it is located in Linda Vista Gardens
The Twinning Committees are separate from the Town Council, but when twinning visits take place there is usually a Civic presence in the visiting party.

A party visited Ostringen at the beginning of May 2014 following which a delegation from Ostringen  visited  Abergavenny during the Food Festival in 2015.  A small group visited Beaupreau at the end of August 2014.

To join one or other of the Twinning Associations, please contact Annette Davis for Beaupreau at: annettejdavis@hotmail.co.uk and Andre Arkell for Ostringen at: andre@andrearkell.wanadoo.co.uk.